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Mets Debating Whether to Bid Against Themselves for Jason Bay

This much is known: The Mets have offered Jason Bay a four-year contract worth $65 million, and he has not accepted it. Beyond that, things get weird. Bay wants a fifth year, and the Mets aren’t sure they want to give him one. Fair enough. The Daily News quotes “one Mets person” who says that “We’re not going to bid against ourselves.” This “one Mets person” is obviously also a smart person. Unfortunately, he (or she) is apparently not preparing Bay’s offer.

The Post reports that the Mets are indeed considering adding a fifth year to the offer. Fine. Whatever. If they want to overpay (if only to save face) for Bay, that’s their prerogative, even if he’s already being labeled as the next Bobby Bonilla. Maybe he’ll be worth it. But here’s where things get really weird. From the Post:

Minaya was in serious negotiations with Bay’s agent, Joe Urbon, over the past two days, but the Mets indicated they only would increase their overall offer to $75 million if they decide to add a fifth year to their heavily back-loaded proposal.

The Mets also might just increase the four-year offer to $75 million instead of committing to a fifth year, a source said.

Just so we’re clear here, if the Mets do indeed bid against themselves for Bay — and it appears that they’re ready and willing to do so — they’re reportedly debating internally whether to offer him four years at $75 million, or five years at $75 million. This is either:

a) Completely untrue.
b) Completely asinine.
c) So brilliantly unorthodox that our simple mind can’t comprehend it.

We’re fairly certain it’s not option “c.”

Mets Debating Whether to Bid Against Themselves for Jason Bay