week in review

The Week the Yankees Got a New Center Fielder

This is the introduction of the post, in which there are words that let you know that we will be saying something soon, though, unfortunately, you’re going to have to click beyond the jump to read them. All this for a week-in-review post. We know. We’re sorry.


The Giants walked over the Cowboys.
Joe spent all day at the Garden.
We wondered if the Knicks could make the playoffs.
Nate Robinson took several breathers.
The Yankees traded for Curtis Granderson, which raised as many questions as it answered.
They’re not really going to change the NCAA Tournament, are they?
Okay, here’s your damned Tiger Woods post.

Oh, and the Vulture Reading Room has been humming with Bill Simmons’ The Book Of Basketball discussion. Smart people over there. Too smart for us! See you Monday.

The Week the Yankees Got a New Center Fielder