Rex Ryan, Now a Believer in the Jets

After the Jets’ eyeball-gouge of a loss on Sunday, a demoralized Rex Ryan told the press that “We’re obviously out of the playoffs, and that’s unfortunate.” Amazingly, he was wrong: The Jets are somehow still alive. He has now reversed course, and, doggone it, he has us convinced: j-e-t-s! (Fine, fine, we lack the required enthusiasm to capitalize each letter there.)

As noted by Rich Cimini in the Daily News, Ryan is fired up and ready to go.

“We’re actually in a better situation right now than we were last week at this time. That’s unbelievable,” Ryan told reporters, spinning at its finest. “We’ve got a chance. We’ve got a chance to make the playoffs. Hey, we’re going for it, no doubt.”

The Jets are not actually in a better position than they were a week ago — no matter how many other teams lose, a loss never helps you — but yes, they are still alive. To remain alive in six days, they need to beat the undefeated Colts, the Patriots need to beat the Jaguars, and one of the following three teams needs to lose: the Ravens, the Dolphins, or the Broncos. (We think we have that right.) It is probably not a good sign that, among all those occurrences, the one least likely to happen involves the Jets winning.

Rex Ryan, Now a Believer in the Jets