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Roy Halladay: Trade Me by Spring Training or Don’t Bother

It’s been literally days since we’d heard any good Hot Stove buzz and/or baseless speculation. (What, Scott Boras can’t float a rumor on a holiday weekend?) But today brings some actual news, sort of! Buster Olney reports that Toronto’s Roy Halladay, the subject of trade talk that could very well come down to the Yankees and Red Sox (and maybe the Phillies or Angels, too), won’t accept a trade after he reports to spring training.

Halladay has a full no-trade clause, meaning he can control if and to whom he’s traded. You’ll recall that Johan Santana made a similar demand two years ago to be dealt before spring training or not at all — a demand that eventually led to his trade to the Mets. The difference here is that Halladay won’t necessarily insist on a contract extension with his new club, though it’s worth keeping in mind that (a) he could change his mind and insist on an extension, and (b) the team trading for him could insist on one. (After all, you wouldn’t likely want to give up prospects for Halladay and lose him after one season.)

It’s assumed Toronto’s demands won’t be as high as they were at last season’s trade deadline, and their willingness this time around to seriously consider a trade within the division changes everything. So really, this just means that Toronto will feel pressured to move Halladay five months earlier than they otherwise would have. Adjust your calendars accordingly.

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Roy Halladay: Trade Me by Spring Training or Don’t Bother