The Jets Need a Win Tonight, Hoser

The Jets need to win tonight in order to have any hope for a playoff berth. Their journey will take them to Tampa, Indianapolis, and East Rutherford for the last game in Meadowlands history, but it begins in Toronto. Football in Canada!

The Jets are the lucky winners of the Which NFL Team Do the Bills Show Off in Case They Need to Leave Buffalo? sweepstakes, and they’re probably catching the Bills at the wrong time. Buffalo’s hot now: Terrell Owens looks like T.O. again and they seem to enjoy not being coached by the milquetoast Dick Jauron anymore.

Still, they’re out of the playoff chase, and the Jets are desperate. Plus, Rex Ryan used to live in Canada. Did you know that? We didn’t know that. We’re not sure why that fact makes so much sense, but it does.

Kickoff is 8:20 p.m. Most of the country will be watching it on the NFL Network, but you’ll be watching it on Channel 11. Unfortunately, Matt Millen will still be broadcasting.

The Jets Need a Win Tonight, Hoser