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The Year the Yankees Won the World Series

Our little site here just launched in September, so it’s easy to do one of those year-end retrospectives. We just have to go back a few months. And hey: Every year The Sports Section has existed, the Yankees have won the World Series. So, you’re welcome.

Anyway, as we wish you a happy New Year’s type of deal, we take our leave of you until 2010 by showcasing our favorite posts from 2009 (well, September–December 2009) in case you missed anything.

Derek Jeter Hath Forsaken His People
Better Know a Beat Reporter: Bob Glauber
Albert Haynesworth Starts Lamest Beef Ever With Brandon Jacobs
Behind the Music at the U.S. Open
Who IS This Guy?
Shows We’d Like to See on LeBron’s Cablevision Channel
Introducing The Eli Manning Microblog
In Defense of Serena Williams
Joe Drape and the Amazing Unbeatable Football Team
Juan Martin del Potro Proves Roger Federer Is Mortal
A Review of Flight, the Definitive MJ Biography
At What Point Do the Yankees Admit They Screwed Up Joba’s Season?
Deconstructing John Sterling, One Call at a Time
Mike and the Mad Dog Reunite … Sort Of
Let’s Complain About This NFL Network Thing Some More

Jose Reyes’s Mad, Savage Trip
John Amirante on Performing the National Anthem at Rangers Games and Being Wooed by the Devils
The JackO Anxiety Index: A Chart-Based Representation of the Yankees’ Regular Season
Glorious Yankee Schadenfreude: Crying Papelbon, Depressed Pavano and, At Last, the ALCS
Appreciating A-Rod
Meet the Nets. Meet the Nets? Yes, Meet the Nets. Probably.
Victory of Errors
Rabbis, Mediations, and Larry Hughes: Just Another Afternoon at the Garden
Better Know a Beat Reporter: Mark Feinsand
What Was Joe Girardi Thinking Last Night?
Introducing Weekly Mikhail Prokhorov Theater
Giants Run Out of Fourth-Quarter Magic
Bring on the Phillies!
Deconstructing Sterling: The Yankees Win the Pennant
Yankees Fever Hits the L Train
Jimmy Rollins Blasted for Not Hating Himself, Teammates
Reviewing Pedro vs. the Yankees in Playoffs Past
Ryan Hoag: Hero, Icon, Virgin.
A Conversation With Bill Simmons

Johnny Damon Writes the Cover Letter to His Free-Agency Résumé
Marathoners Engage in Completely Justified Gluttony
Your 2009 World Series Champion New York Yankees
The Ten Most Memorable Moments of the Yankees’ Season
Trust Us: A World Series Win Is Just As Sweet If You Buy It
Five Observations From Today’s Yankees Parade
Isiah Thomas Returns Tonight. Yes, Him.
Getting Patrick Ewing to Autograph Your Magazine Isn’t So Easy, Apparently
Our Unnecessarily Exhaustive City College-Hoops Preview
So, SHOULD the Knicks Sign Allen Iverson?
Mets Somehow Involved in West Bank Conflict
Felipe Lopez on the State of St. John’s, His Sports Illustrated Cover, and Giving Back
Nate Robinson: Saboteur and Hero
Michael Kay Implied to a Theater Full of Yankee Fans That They Wouldn’t Repeat in 2010
What’s Wrong With Sean Avery?

Joe Girardi Clearly Isn’t Too Busy These Days
Do the Mets Have a Plan?
NYC College Hoops Road Trip: St. Francis (NY)
Five Hours at the Garden With the Knicks, the Rangers, and Lots of Crazy Fans
Whimsy Time: Can the Knicks Make the Playoffs?
Welcome to New York, Mark Sanchez, You Crybaby
How Will John Sterling Call Curtis Granderson’s Home Runs?
Will Tiger Change Sports Journalism?
Should Syracuse Join the Big Ten?
It’s Just About Time to Hit the Panic Button on the Rangers Season
Back When Spike Ruled the Garden
Is Brett Gardner Really Going to Be the Yankees’ Left Fielder?
The Giants Say Goodbye to Their Stadium in the Ugliest Way Possible

That’s it for us, kids. See you next year. Or Monday. Whichever comes second.

The Year the Yankees Won the World Series