This Is a Lousy Week Not to Have the NFL Network

Maybe it’s because there are two teams, maybe it’s because neither is on the Northeast Corridor, maybe it’s because there’s no Spygate — but there seems to be less excitement about an undefeated NFL season this time around, doesn’t there? The New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts are each three games away from sweeping through this business, and the buzz is quieter than it was two years ago. Still, though, it’s kind of fun, right? Well, if you are into the undefeated thing, you are living in the wrong city. Because both undefeated teams are on the NFL Network this week.

Our own Ben Mathis-Lilley has already flogged this hobby horse, but we will hop on for the flogging ourselves. (It is possible we mixed a metaphor there.) The Colts play at Jacksonville tomorrow night — probably their toughest game left, unless you count hosting the Jets as “tough” — and the Saints host Dallas, America’s Freaking Team!, on Saturday evening. You will be able to watch neither.

A month ago, Pete Dougherty, a media writer for the Albany Times Union (one with a TERRIFIC head shot), dug into the now-six-years-long dispute. He did not find much hope for resolution. Said an NFL Network exec: “We have not been in any meaningful conversations since summer and the beginning of the season.”

You think it’s bad now. Wait until they start putting playoff games on there. Because they will.

This Is a Lousy Week Not to Have the NFL Network