Giants Stadium Could Rise From the Dead in Just Twelve Days

Can they fill this place up one last time?

We begin our in-depth breakdown of the Jets-Chargers AFC Divisional Round game tomorrow — expect detailed dissertations on why San Diego is a terrible place, why Mark Sanchez is one lucky sumbitch, and why Darrelle Revis has so many double consonants in his first name — but today, while we can, we’re going to focus on the most delicious notion of all. We’re going to look at the small possibility that the Meadowlands could be unpacked from the mothballs to host one more game: the AFC Championship Game.

Last week kept the dream alive, and it still exists: If the Ravens beat the Colts and the Jets upset the Chargers, the Jets will host the AFC Title Game. Can you imagine? Everyone saying good-bye to Giants Stadium a couple of weeks ago — and by “saying good-bye,” we mean “leaving at halftime because the game was lousy and it was 45 degrees below zero” — and then, alack, returning for the most important game in its history, one last time.

It’s unlikely, obviously, but it’s a possibility — something unimaginable a week-and-a-half ago. In case you’re curious, you can grab StubHub tickets for the game right now. They’re not cheap: The least expensive ticket is $295, in the Plaza End Zone 321, and most tickets are around $550–$700.

Man, wouldn’t it be something if the Meadowlands lurched back from the grave, one last time? We’d have to call it the Zombie Bowl. We like that. If it happens, we’re totally calling it that.

Giants Stadium Could Rise From the Dead in Just Twelve Days