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The Week the Jets Advanced to the AFC Title Game

The Jets shocked the Chargers on Sunday (get it?), giving Rex Ryan good reason to remain confident as they head to Indy for the AFC title game. (Or maybe it’s just his lucky pizza stain.) Shonn Greene made us forget about Thomas Jones. Mark Sanchez enjoyed one of his last weeks of dullness, even though Will’s PS3 continued to show him little love. And we told you what to look out for on Sunday, as well as who picked the Jets to win (Jay-Z), and who didn’t (The Wall Street Journal’s simulator thing). But a bunch of things happened this week that didn’t involve the Jets at all.

For example, the Jets didn’t pass on Bengie Molina and Joel Pineiro, nor did they trade for Gary Matthews Jr. or show interest in Chien-Ming Wang. That was the Mets that did those things.

The Jets didn’t stay in the good corner of the Natrix. That was Nate Robinson.

The Jets didn’t use up all their goals against Tampa, then go down fighting in Philly. That was the Rangers.

The Jets didn’t dash our Knicks playoff hopes. That was Bradford Doolittle from Basketball Prospectus.

The Jets didn’t maybe consider retirement. That was Johnny Damon.

The Jets didn’t track down the Rangers’ original 1994 Stanley Cup banner. That was us.

And the Jets didn’t encourage Curtis Granderson to prank A-Rod. That was us, too.

We’ll be back after the J-E-T-S game Sunday, then come right back again Monday morning, as per our usual arrangement.

The Week the Jets Advanced to the AFC Title Game