24 Hours Later, Knicks Are Pretty Much in the Same Spot

All right, since we last left you, flailing at attempts to break down the potential Knicks–Tracy McGrady trade, not much has happened. Much has been reported, but not much has happened.

The parameters of the trade, at this point, depend on whom you’re reading. It’s the exact same trade as yesterday, McGrady/Dorsey/Cook for Jeffries/Hill/Hughes, with the draft picks changing hands as well. According to Chris Mannix, the deal is being “finalized.”

• ESPN says the deal is pretty much done, but the Bulls are trying to sneak in with a Tyrus Thomas–related deal.

• The Post points out that if the Rockets don’t trade for Thomas, the Knicks might.

• Sean Deveney at Sporting News confuses all of this by citing a source who claims the Knicks won’t put Hill in any deal.

• The Daily News is a lone voice in the wilderness claiming the deal’s far from getting done. Their story is somewhat undermined by its claim that the trading deadline is today at 3 p.m., when it’s tomorrow.

In other news, the Knicks and Celtics are still playing footsie over Nate Robinson, and the Bulls, while competing for McGrady, hammered the Knicks by 33 points in Chicago. The two teams will play again tonight at the Garden, and we will be there, hiding our eyes.

24 Hours Later, Knicks Are Pretty Much in the Same Spot