sad playoff boomlet

Just Another Lousy Night on Craphole Island

Thanks to the All-Star Game, the Knicks don’t play again for another week. It is one of the kindest acts they’ve bestowed on their fans in 2010.

After another crushing loss last night — this time 118–114 in overtime to the Kings, thanks to a fourth-quarter barrage from Tyreke Evans that Bill Simmons, predictably, brought out the Teen Wolf references for — the Knicks’ playoff odds are at .5 percent and dropping. (We’re not sure why we’re still checking that, actually.) Watching coach Mike D’Antoni at the press conference afterward was depressing; after he said, “there’s just not a lot of fight left in this dog,” you wanted to give him a hug.

What else is going wrong? Well, players are supposedly sniping about David Lee’s selfishness, and Danilo Gallinari and Nate Robinson, the two Knicks representatives at All-Star Weekend, are both hurt all of a sudden. Donnie Walsh is admitting he probably won’t be able to clear out any more cap space before the trading deadline, and they’re considering desperation moves like trading for Tracy McGrady, though we’re not sure what that’s supposed to accomplish. At this rate, they’re going to end up worse than they were last year. Sigh.

At least they don’t play for another week. We could all use a week off.

Just Another Lousy Night on Craphole Island