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Oh, This Will Definitely Get LeBron Here

The Knicks season is falling apart, Donnie Walsh seems unlikely to make a cap-saving trade, and half the team is injured, inept, or both. It is a dark time for the Knicks, particularly as we near the 2010 free-agent season that all this has been heading toward in the first place. We could all use some good news. We’re not getting it, though.

Florida International head coach Isiah Thomas, whom we vaguely remember hanging around here at some point (mostly in spastic flashbacks scored by Creedence Clearwater Revival songs), has decided he wants to help the Knicks. He’s decided he’s going to talk to LeBron James for us.

In an interview on WFAN Tuesday, Thomas said he would give the Knicks the thumbs up to James, who can opt for freedom in July. “If Jim Dolan owns the team, because I know he looks out for the players, looks out for the franchise,” Thomas said. “Everything is first-class and above.”

Thomas has the stature to discuss LeBron James and the Knicks because his Florida International Panthers are 7–16 right now. With that and his golden touch in matters of personnel, he should prove a useful helping hand in the wooing process.

[Points gun at brain.]

Oh, This Will Definitely Get LeBron Here