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The Week America Cared About Hockey

After the United States beat Canada on Sunday, lots of people who don’t usually follow hockey started to pay attention. (Ryan Seacrest had Ryan Miller on his radio show, for chrissake.) Those people would go on to watch the Americans beat Switzerland in the quarterfinals, then do terrible things to Finland in the semifinals to advance to the gold-medal game. (Don’t worry about Canada, though: They made it through to the semis anyway.) In other Olympic news, figure skating remained better than gymnastics, the Olympic flame remained underrated, Scott Hamilton cried, Jeremy Roenick apologized, and Johnny Weir explained how to cut the cheese. Also, Michael Phelps showed up when things got boring. What else happened this week, that didn’t involve DEFEATING THE WORLD?

The Knicks were fun until they weren’t.

Chan Ho Park became a Yankee.

Johnny Damon took a pay cut.

We visited Carnesecca Arena.

And we caught NEC fever.

Enjoy the last weekend of the Olympics. Don’t forget to extinguish the flame you’ve been keeping in your apartment. We’ll see you on Monday.

The Week America Cared About Hockey