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The Week Before the Olympics

The Winter Olympics begin tonight, when Wayne Gretzky (or whoever, but it’s totally going to be Wayne Gretzky) lights the cauldron in Vancouver. In preparation, we hope you’ve studied our previews of the hockey tournament, or at least smoked some weed in advance of the ski-jumping competition. (Or, to mix-and-match, sparked up and studied our hockey previews.) If you’re heading to Vancouver, and could bring along a few thousand tons of snow, you’d be doing the world a great service. Otherwise, at least try to get a halfway decent protest going once you arrive. What else happened this week, while you were warming up your lungs for two weeks of screaming “USA! USA!” at the TV?

The Saints won the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning did not.

The Jets’ Super Bowl hype began even earlier than expected.

Citi Field lowered a fence that was unnecessarily high to begin with.

We asked whether Knicks fans or Nets fans had it worse, though they both have it better than local college basketball fans.

The Mets didn’t sign Chien-Ming Wang.

Johnny Damon employed some curious negotiating tactics, then watched the offers pour in.

Marian Gaborik got hurt, and without him, the Rangers lost a low-scoring game.

And Rick Pitino made it quite clear that he will not be your next Nets coach.

Enjoy watching a Knick in the NBA All-Star Game Sunday. Seriously, soak that in, because it doesn’t happen often. We’ll see you Tuesday.

The Week Before the Olympics