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The Week Before the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is Sunday, and in preparation, we here at The Sports Section have simulated the game virtually, broken down CBS’s big day of programming, looked at how the common-opponent Jets fared against each team, asked whether you’d be rooting for onetime fan favorite Jeremy Shockey, previewed Tim Tebow’s big moment, and taken one last look at everything you’ll need to know before kickoff — including the all-important backup quarterback matchup. (You can never be too prepared, gambling-wise.) What happened this week that involved neither the Colts nor the Saints?

The Knicks circled the trade deadline on their calendar.

Mets fans, meanwhile, threw their calendars at the wall, upon reading Wednesday’s trivia question.

Nick Swisher’s faux-hawk made a cameo on How I Met Your Mother.

The Rangers acquired a scorer in Olli Jokinen, then got outscored by the Caps.

The Nets decided to get the hell out of East Rutherford.

The pro-golf season started, sans Tiger.

And we took a moment to look at the Jets’ mood.

Enjoy the game Sunday. And if you happen to be in Miami, for goodness sake, please don’t spit on any of the coaches. We’ll see you Monday.

The Week Before the Super Bowl