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The Week After the Olympics

There were closing ceremonies in Vancouver on Sunday — you may recall, as Bob Costas put it, the “always-enjoyable, giant, inflatable beaver” — but for all intents and purposes, the Olympics really ended when Sidney Crosby slipped the puck past Ryan Miller during overtime of the hockey gold-medal game, leaving us nothing left to do but wrap up the Games and go into Olympic-hockey withdrawal. (Well, that and wait for some brave American to jump Crosby.) But what happened this week that didn’t involve always-enjoyable, giant, inflatable beavers?

LeBron got to take the fourth quarter off against the Knicks.

We visited Columbia, and crowned St. John’s the winner of our college-hoops tour.

The Jets said good-bye to Thomas Jones, and hello to Antonio Cromartie.

The Yankees played Skee-Ball at the arcade.

Jose Reyes went back to New York for medical tests.

Peter Robert Casey kept on tweeting about the Red Storm.

And, most important, LIU stayed alive in the NEC tournament.

That’s it for us. We’ll see you Monday.

The Week After the Olympics