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The Week March Madness Set In

You read all the previews you could this week, breaking down the field of 65 region by region, team by team. You read scouting reports and watched game film and considered strength of schedule, confident that this was the year you would finally win your office pool (or better still, The Sports Section’s pool). Yet your bracket still went to hell within the tournament’s first 24 hours. That’s just what happens when the first day is filled with upsets and buzzer beaters and Georgetown getting humiliated. Day two, however, brings a new slate of games, including Syracuse’s. (We just hope, for your bracket’s sake, you didn’t bet against the Ivy League.) But what happened this week that didn’t involve ONIONS?

The Jets won the LaDainian Tomlinson sweepstakes, but lost the coin toss to open the new Meadowlands Stadium.

The Rangers won a game because of Sean Avery, then lost two others for a whole number of reasons.

The Knicks beat Philly, and better still, Chris Duhon didn’t play.

The Yankees settled exactly nothing with their rotation.

Some golfer decided to play golf again.

St. John’s lost in the NIT, finally allowing them to put Norm Roberts out of his misery.

We counted down the fifteenth through eleventh most important Mets.

And we counted down the fifteenth through eleventh most important Yankees.

That’s it for us. Enjoy watching an unhealthy amount of basketball this weekend. We’ll see you Monday.

The Week March Madness Set In