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For the First Time, It’s NFL Draft Night

After tonight, upcoming events at Radio City Music Hall include acts like the Gipsy Kings, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Chelsea Handler, Peter Gabriel, and the Dalai Lama. Whatever your thoughts on those entertainers, it’s difficult to argue that they won’t be a tad more thrilling than hearing names recited for three days. Alas: The NFL Draft is here.

The NFL has ginned up the draft for casual fans tonight, running the first round in prime time before taking to bed to prepare for the rest of the draft this weekend. It will still be the reading of names, but you’re more likely to hear a name or two you know tonight, leaving the rest of the business to those hard-core folks. Oh, and to those just waiting around to see where Tim Tebow goes.

The real question around here: Which Jets and Giants pick will end up being booed? This has relaxed a bit since they moved the draft from the Garden to Radio City, but still: Booing fresh-faced young men on their first night in the city is a grand tradition. It’s the perfect introduction, really.

Anyway, everyone enjoy your yearly Mel Kiper endorphin rush.

For the First Time, It’s NFL Draft Night