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Michael Kay vs. SNY: Who Ya Got?

YES’s Michael Kay and SNY’s Gary Cohen.

In one corner of this epic battle, we have YES announcer Michael Kay, who, while hosting his ESPN Radio show on Wednesday, blasted SNY for taking viewer phone calls in the broadcast booth during the eighth inning of the Mets’$2 11–3 loss in Colorado on Tuesday, something they introduced to the telecasts back in 2008.

A choice Kay quote, via the great Neil Best: “If it was game 145 and they are 30 games out and you want to juggle balls in the air and blow up balloons and make plastic animals out of them, I guess I understand. You’re giving up in game seven by taking phone calls?” Kay and co-host Don La Greca at one point speculated that the calls might be plants, and also floated a conspiracy theory that we’re not sure we fully understand. Something about the Mets organization trying to show how angry the fans are.

In the other corner, of course, is SNY, and in this case, spokesperson Andrew Fegyveresi, who says that “our fans enjoy the unfiltered interaction, just as they enjoy the unfiltered and honest approach from our broadcast team.” And also, this: “For a colleague who works for a crosstown rival to publicly question our integrity without first trying to find the truth is disappointing.” Also making a point for SNY is Best himself, who brings up the fact that SNY has taken calls in the booth during blowout victories as well as blowout losses. You may now take sides, in the comments.

SNY ‘disappointed’ in rival Kay’s critique [Newsday]

Michael Kay vs. SNY: Who Ya Got?