week in review

The Week Before Opening Day

We’ve already compared the opening day of the baseball season to Christmas today, so let’s get right down to business: Here are the five most important Mets for the upcoming season, and here are the five most important Yankees. In other baseball news, Daniel Murphy landed on the disabled list, but Jose Reyes is alive and well. Also, fantasy baseball is popular, in case you hadn’t heard. But what happened this week that didn’t involve visions of awkward ceremonial first pitches?

Duke and three teams you’re not rooting against advanced to the Final Four.

Mikhail Prokhorov remained awesome, and his future employees stayed out of the record books.

St. John’s finally hired a coach.

The Rangers, somehow, stayed in the playoff race. The Knicks did not.

The NIT died, probably.

And we looked at whether student-athletes could earn a little spending money.

That’s it for us. Good luck to anyone who still has a chance to win our NCAA pool. Have a nice weekend.

The Week Before Opening Day