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The Week the Mets Moved Into First Place

As April draws to a close, only one of New York’s baseball teams is atop its division’s standings, and it ain’t the Yankees. First the Mets moved over .500 with Jose Reyes batting third — maybe Jerry Manuel knows what he’s doing after all — then a doubleheader on Tuesday gave them the chance to leapfrog Philadelphia with a sweep, which is exactly what happened. Meanwhile, as they rested after a 9–1 homestand and readied for the Phillies, one of their minor-leaguers damn near pitched a perfect game. But what happened this week that didn’t involve anything from the Bachman-Turner Overdrive catalogue?

Joe Girardi third-guessed himself, the bullpen let down Phil Hughes, but the Yankees still won two of three in Baltimore.

President Obama playfully insulted the Yankees, and Curt Schilling not-so-playfully insulted Javier Vazquez.

Some college kids got drafted by the Jets and Giants.

Ryan Howard got paid, which is good news for Brian Cashman.

We looked at the long shots in tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby.

And we visited Suffolk County Sports Park, home of the Long Island Ducks.

That’s it for us. We’ll see you Monday.

The Week the Mets Moved Into First Place