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The Week the Yankees Got Their Rings

The Yankees once and for all put 2009 behind them this week, receiving their World Series championship rings before Tuesday’s home opener. The highlight of the day? Multiple standing ovations for Hideki Matsui. Or maybe Nick Johnson’s curious choice of at-bat music. It’s a toss-up, really. The good feelings didn’t last long, though: The Yankee Stadium crowd booed Javier Vazquez off the mound the very next day, while neither Mark Teixeira nor the closed-captioning operator turned in championship-worthy performances. At least Phil Hughes righted the ship when he finally made his debut last night. But what happened this week that didn’t involve Bernie Williams’s weak first pitch?

The Mets didn’t do so hot, except for Mike Pelfrey.

Michael Kay called out SNY with a quote that referenced balloon animals.

The Rangers’ season ended in Philadelphia, and we looked at ten things that went wrong with this year’s team.

Phil Mickelson won the Masters, and Tiger Woods didn’t.

The Garden said good-bye (probably) to David Lee, and we all said good-bye to the 2009–10 Knicks’ season. Meanwhile, the Nets said good-bye to the Meadowlands.

The Jets acquired Santonio Holmes, who was promptly suspended for four games.

And we talked to Mike Bolt, one of the Keepers of the Stanley Cup.

That’s it for us. We’ll see you Monday.

The Week the Yankees Got Their Rings