More New Faces for the Mets, Including ‘the Animal’

The Mets lost 3–2 to the Nationals last night, in one of those listless, bad-vibe games that you’d almost rather have happen at the end of a series than at the beginning. David Wright finally got a hit … and was subsequently doubled off first. Jose Reyes was ejected. Eleven men were left on base. Just a frustrating night. So, the Mets have decided to fix it the way they’ve fixed all their problems this year: more minor leaguers!

If it worked once with Ike Davis, try, try again. Yesterday, the Mets released local scrapper Frank Catalanotto and put Henry Blanco on the bereavement list. That allowed them to bring up catcher Josh Thole — who was up for a while last year and is still the catcher of the future — and first baseman Chris Carter.

You might recognize Carter’s name, either from his hot spring training or his brief appearances in 2008 and 2009 with the Red Sox, but you’ll definitely remember his nickname: “the Animal.” How do more athletes not have that nickname? It is such a great nickname, that nickname. Carter is probably best known for being the center of a waiver-wire dispute between the Yankees and Red Sox last August; he also has been traded for both Billy Wagner and Wily Mo Pena.

He also can hit: Check out his lifetime Minor League numbers. He doesn’t like to walk much, which is why he has never really stuck in the Majors, but for a left-handed power bat off the bench, you could do a lot worse. And considering the Mets’ track record of calling up Minor League first basemen this season, we fully expect them to win nine of their next ten now.

More New Faces for the Mets, Including ‘the Animal’