The Ups and Downs of the Yankees’ Weekend Against Chicago

That the Yankees won two of three this weekend against the White Sox isn’t especially noteworthy: They’ve won exactly two of three games in six of their eight series thus far. But that doesn’t mean a lot didn’t happen. After the jump, the weekend that was in the Bronx, arranged in order from the encouraging to the depressing.

• Phil Hughes pitched brilliantly again yesterday in a 12–3 rout. His line: no runs and four hits in seven innings, with one walk and six strikeouts.

• Mark Teixeira started to hit as soon as the calendar turned to May. After collecting two hits on Saturday (May 1), he went four-for-five yesterday with a double and two RBI. This makes absolutely no sense.

• Alex Rodriguez got the day off yesterday, maybe, possibly because he’s a bit injured: The Post said he “felt an ache behind the knee” Saturday, Brian Cashman called his condition a “muscle-related” injury, but Joe Girardi said it was just stiffness and that he needed a day off. He’s expected to play tonight.

• Not playing tonight, or for a while: Curtis Granderson, who was placed on the fifteen-day DL after straining his groin on the basepaths Saturday. He’s expected to miss about a month, so get used to Marcus Thames and Randy Winn in the lineup every day. (Worth noting: Thames has been terrific in limited action, and Granderson was in a terrible slump.)

• And lastly, Javier Vazquez continues to be terrible. Much more on him later today.

The Ups and Downs of the Yankees’ Weekend Against Chicago