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The Week July 1 Became a Whole Lot More Interesting

What timing: In the same week a certain weekly magazine made the case that LeBron James should come to New York, LBJ’s Cavaliers got bounced by the Celtics in a stunningly ugly fashion. Beat writers in the Cleve snapped at their New York counterparts, Cleveland fans actually booed LeBron, and given the chance to revise his story just a bit, LeBron couldn’t carry his team to a game seven. What’s next? Well, being paired with John Calipari in Chicago doesn’t make much sense, so we guess we’ll have to follow the feed at GetLeBron.com to find out. But what happened this week that didn’t involve counting down the seconds until free agency begins?

The Yankees won two of three in Boston, but lost three of four to Detroit. Phil Hughes continued to be awesome.

The Mets unleashed the Animal, but dropped their series to the rising Nationals. Then Jerry Manuel managed them to a loss against Florida.

We visited Fenway Park and survived.

The Wilpons and the Islanders considered bringing hockey to Queens.

And the Jets and Giants made their pitch to bring the Super Bowl to the frigid Meadowlands.

That’s it for us. We’ll see you Monday.

The Week July 1 Became a Whole Lot More Interesting