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Will Someone Please Stop Putting Microphones in Front of Isiah Thomas?

You know what we want? We want to hear what Isiah Thomas has to say about LeBron James! Why wouldn’t we? Of course the man who destroyed the franchise for a decade and is the reason the Knicks have a tiny smattering of humans left on the roster after smarter people spent two years cleaning out Isiah’s gutters … of course he has something to say about this.

Here’s what Isiah — who, we remind you, is still coaching at Florida International, which went 7–25 last year — said on a Miami radio station yesterday about whether or not, if he were LeBron James, he would come to New York:

“Yeah, I would, because the fans show up every single night. They may boo, but they are there. The media is definitely tough on you. But there is no more passionate fans. That passion can be stirred to love you to death or to hate you. As an athlete, a competitor — at least me — you want to be in that arena. I want to feel that sweat, I want to feel that intensity. I want to feel that emotion. That’s what I thrive on.”

LeBron, if you’re reading this — because, shoot, what else do you have going on these days? — please know that Knicks fans do not boo everyone. That’s not “feeling that sweat,” something you just have to deal with when you play in New York. That’s being Isiah Thomas. Knicks fans boo Isiah Thomas because Isiah Thomas is horrible and ruined everybody’s lives for ten years. (We’re fairly certain, somewhere, right now, a Knicks fan is booing Isiah Thomas.) You are not horrible. We would be nice to you. As long as you never, ever say Isiah Thomas’s name. Ever. We’re going to insist on that in your contract.

Will Someone Please Stop Putting Microphones in Front of Isiah Thomas?