Meet Cappie Pondexter, the Liberty’s WNBA LeBron

What’s one secret weapon we may have in getting LeBron to New York? How about Cappie Pondexter, the superstar talent who was recently traded to the New York Liberty. With nineteen and a half points per game, she could be the spark plug that brings a title back to New York City. (Take all the titles you can get, people.) She took some time out of her busy schedule to chat.

How’s life in New York going?
I love New York; it’s definitely one of my favorite cities. I got the opportunity to be in the city a lot when I was at Rutgers.

Everyone’s all abuzz in New York about Lebron. Do you talk about that in the Liberty locker room at all?
I haven’t talked to my teammates about that. I think it would be a great opportunity for New York; he’s a great player.

You two both played on the national team, and you know him. Have you talked to him about coming here?
Yeah, we’ve chatted. Nothing about basketball, though — just checking in and asking how you’re doing.

What’s your favorite area of New York?
Soho is definitely my No. 1 area, after that probably the meatpacking district.

We heard that you’re big into fashion. Would you ever do a line?
I think further down the line after I do grad school, I wouldn’t mind starting my own line. I’m into fashion designers and being up on the fall collections and spring collections, but I’m focused on basketball right now.

Speaking of hoops, how’s it playing for the Liberty?
The energy is awesome, from the organization and down to the players, you can just feel it. That’s what I like about it so far. We’re just trying to get used to playing with each other.

In Phoenix, where you played before coming to New York, Diana Taurasi, at least on the court, was always your go-to girl. Who’s your partner in crime here?
I would say Nicole Powell. We have this weird chemistry on the court.

But have you talked to Diana recently?
Yeah, of course. Diana’s one of my close friends. It’s just kind of hard when we’re competing. I see her July 3 in Phoenix; we’ll go to dinner.

Do you get your championship ring from last year then, too?
I heard a lot of diamonds, so I’m excited to see it.

Where are you living now?
In White Plains.

Tracy McGrady lives there, too. Have you hung out?
I didn’t know that! My schedule is home, practice, Philly, back home. Actually, I know Eddy Curry because we grew up with each other in Chicago and we live a block away.

That’s awesome. You guys hang out ever?
We hung out quite a bit since he’s come back to New York.

Have you taken him running with you at all? He kind of needs to get in shape.
He knows what he has to do. We just went to dinner.

Meet Cappie Pondexter, the Liberty’s WNBA LeBron