Most, But Not All, of the Joe Torre–Era Yankees Are Happy to See Their Former Manager

The Yankees finish the inter-league portion of their schedule this weekend at Dodger Stadium, which means they’ll compete against Joe Torre for the first time since he left New York for Los Angeles after the 2007 season. Derek Jeter calls Torre a father figure. So does Jorge Posada. Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera had kind words for him as well. And Alex Rodriguez? He has no comment.

You’ll recall that The Yankee Years, the collaboration between Torre and Tom Verducci, didn’t portray A-Rod in the best light, unleashing the nickname “A-Fraud” into the world beyond the Yankee clubhouse. Rodriguez certainly recalls it, but he’s taking the high road. His response when asked about facing Torre’s Dodgers this week: “I am not going to get into that.” (Similarly, Brian Cashman — who hasn’t spoken to Torre since the book came out — declined to talk to reporters.)

Torre said yesterday that he was sorry that A-Rod held a grudge, and didn’t think the two had a bad relationship. (“Of course I’ll say hello to him,” said Torre.) He also said that anything in the book that came from him was already public knowledge. That wording, of course, is intentional: Plenty of other people also spoke to Verducci, and that material made it into the book all the same.

But Verducci himself said at the time that Torre knew what was in there, and here’s guessing A-Rod doesn’t care about the subtleties of Torre and Verducci’s unconventional collaboration. If Torre’s unsure why A-Rod isn’t psyched to see him, he might want to reread the passage in the book with his name on it about A-Rod’s Single White Female–like obsession with Derek Jeter. That kind of thing sticks with a guy longer than having to bat eighth once.

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Most, But Not All, of the Joe Torre–Era Yankees Are Happy to See Their Former Manager