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The Week of Landon Donovan’s Goal

If not for Landon Donovan’s goal against Algeria on Wednesday, the post you’re reading right now would be called “The Week Another Referee Screwed the USMNT.” Or perhaps “The Week a Bunch of Teams That Weren’t the United States Won Games.” Or maybe “The Week We Told You Where Fans of Other Countries Watch the World Cup Because It’s Not Like the U.S. Is Still Playing or Anything.” But he did score, and we won, and they danced outside of Demsey’s. All together now: America: Fuck yeah! Next up is Ghana, tomorrow at 2:30. If you ask nicely, we bet you could talk your local bartender into putting it on. But what happened this week that didn’t involve stoppage time?

After taking two of three in the Subway Series, the Yankees won two of three in Arizona. Next up: a reunion with Joe Torre.

After dropping two of three in the Subway Series, the Mets won two of three against Detroit. Also: Jerry Seinfeld reunited with Keith Hernandez.

The countdown to LeBron Day continued.

The Knicks drafted the type of players you draft when you’ve traded your first-round pick for Stephon Marbury.

And our Minor League Stadium Crawl returned with a trip to Skylands Park, home of the Sussex Skyhawks.

That’s it for us. We’ll have a (hopefully happy) recap after the game tomorrow, then we’ll be back again, as always, on Monday.

The Week of Landon Donovan’s Goal