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The Week the Yankees Beat Up on Some Last-Place Teams

After a holiday weekend in which the Yankees took three of four games from the Indians thanks to some eventful seventh innings, they kept it going against Baltimore, a last-place team even worse than last-place Cleveland. First Javier Vazquez gave Yankee Stadium fans something to cheer about for a change, then Jorge Posada returned in another victory, then they finished the sweep yesterday. Poor Dave Trembley. But what happened this week that didn’t involve horrible mismatches?

A terrible call brought out the best in Jim Joyce and Armando Galarraga.

The Mets returned to the land of chaos, but at least Mike Pelfrey continues to be awesome.

In LeBron news, we considered the Phil Jackson factor, the Post freaked out over nothing, and the mayor made a pitch to bring him here, be it for the Knicks or the Nets.

We talked to Cappie Pondexter of the Liberty.

We also talked to Hart Seely about how the Man is keeping down his John Sterling blog.

We previewed two more World Cup groups. (Don’t forget to join our pool!)

And we previewed tomorrow’s Belmont Stakes.

That’s it for us. Apropos of nothing, a St. Louis Cardinals beer helmet is considered an acceptable wedding gift, right? Anyway, we’ll see you Monday.

The Week the Yankees Beat Up on Some Last-Place Teams