Back to Square One, the Mets Consider Blowing It Up Again

Yesterday felt the logical conclusion to a horrific road trip, in which the Mets went 2–9, saw their playoff hopes nearly disappear, and eradicated much of the goodwill generated by a better-than-expected season before this road trip started. The Mets lost 1–0 to the Dodgers on a day when general manager Omar Minaya refused to say a large percentage of the coaching staff wouldn’t be fired by the time they’re home Tuesday, manager Jerry Manuel got in an argument with his pitcher, and half the team was involved in trade rumors. (With the Royals.) It was one of those weeks that make you feel like this is pretty much over.

The Manuel “argument” wasn’t a major one; it was more of a spirited disagreement between the beleaguered manager and his pitcher R.A. Dickey about whether or not he should be taken out of the game. (Manuel said yes, Dickey didn’t.) This is not a huge deal, but it’s always nice to have a feisty knuckleballer.

More ominous and less cute is the ritualistic firing of various Mets coaches that might go down today or tomorrow, when everyone returns from the West Coast. Specifically, hitting coach Howard Johnson, because there’s no job in sports that’s more pointless and exists solely so you have a scapegoat to fire than the hitting coach. Manuel appears to be safe for now — as safe as anyone managing a team in free fall could possibly be.

Which brings us to the hilarious trade rumors with the Kansas City Royals. As hilariously pointed out by Amazin’ Avenue, every player involved is currently a terrible investment for each team and a flashing neon sign as to why each franchise is struggling. The Mets: Oliver Perez, Jeff Francoeur, Luis Castillo. The Royals: Jose Guillen, Gil Meche, Kyle Farnsworth. This is a Garbage Pail Kids trade.

The Mets have a day off today until the Cardinals series begins on Tuesday. A lot might happen, though a lot might not change.

Back to Square One, the Mets Consider Blowing It Up Again