Look, Everybody: New Knicks!

Let’s stop thinking about who isn’t a Knick — let’s think about who is! With the trade of David Lee last night, the Knicks have three new players. You know what: We like all three! (Try to act surprised.)

Let’s take a look at all three guys. (The Knicks also got a future second-round pick in the deal.)

Kelenna Azubuike. First off, you have to love a guy who was born in London and raised in Oklahoma. He’s a six-foot-five swingman who played for Kentucky and once led the D-League in scoring, though in the NBA he’s earned more plaudits for his defense. Unfortunately, he hasn’t played a game since November, when he had surgery for a torn patella tendon, though he should be fine by training camp. Posting and Toasting memorably says, “He kind of looks like the dinosaur from the movie Dinosaur.” He’s also on Twitter.

Anthony Randolph. He’s the real get here. A staggeringly athletic specimen, and only 21-years-old, he clashed with Don Nelson in Golden State but is thought to have no ceiling, as a talent. Want to get excited? Watch this dunk over Yao Ming. Fittingly, he has become a bit of an obsession at estoteric and brilliant NBA blog Free Darko, and he seems the genetic ideal of a Mike D’Antoni Player. You have your instant fantasy-basketball sleeper.

Ronny Turiaf. You might remember him from his Gonzaga days, or his occasional cameo appearances on those Lakers’ playoff teams. You also might remember his open-heart surgery five years ago. He’s a center, and extremely likable, and very fragile. He’s signed through 2012. He’s also on Twitter.

All three are ideal D’Antoni players, except that they can play defense. This isn’t a championship team, obviously, but they’re fun and potentially molded into something grand and fun. THE FUTURE IS NOW. [Coughs.]

Look, Everybody: New Knicks!