Mets Enjoy Adam Wainwright a Lot More at Citi Field

The Mets certainly could not have asked for a better first game back at Citi Field after an endless, painful road trip. Man, that West Coast trip was long. We had completely forgotten that it was Carlos Beltran’s first game back at Citi Field this season, so long that road trip was. The Mets needed a bust-out night. They got one.

Adam Wainwright has been dominant all season, but he looked to have nothing last night, no movement, definitely no command. (His meatball fastball that Jeff Francoeur hit for a three-run homer was meant to be two feet out of the strike zone.) The Mets took advantage, and considering their two-runs-a-night road trip, that’s an achievement right there. At certain points last night, the Mets looked like a real, live lineup, even with Jason Bay out with a concussion. It helps when Francoeur hits a bomb, apropos of nothing. Frenchy has become so maligned by Mets bloggers and smart fans at this point that you almost sense they’re rooting against him when he’s at the plate. Generally, he obliges.

And if you’re wondering, Wainwright’s career ERA in Flushing: 8.22.

A switch in the rotation has Johan Santana pitching tonight (against Rookie of the Year candidate Jamie Garcia), with R.A. Dickey going tomorrow afternoon against Blake Hawksworth. The game the Mets were least likely to win this series was last night. It’s good to be home, yes?

Mets Enjoy Adam Wainwright a Lot More at Citi Field