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Thierry Henry Debuts to a Solid Crowd … and Fox’s Good Day New York

When you’re an established international star new to the city, it’s nice to have a guide, someone to give you a quick once-around on the ins and outs of this wonderful place. Thierry Henry, who made his debut for the Red Bulls last night, obviously did not have this person. This led to one happy accident, and one hilariously ugly one. On the good side, Henry, bless his heart, rode the PATH train to the game in Harrison last night with new Knick (and pal) Ronny Turiaf. This is awesome. Then there was his appearance on Good Day New York Monday morning. That was not so awesome.

As a general rule, morning-television hosts of America, when you are interviewing a soccer player, it is best to know:

1. Who won the World Cup that just ended.
2. That your guest played on perhaps the biggest international sports embarrassment of the last ten years and might be a little sensitive when you assume that embarrassment actually won that World Cup.
3. That your metropolitan area does, in fact, have a soccer team.
4. How to pronounce your guest’s name.

Anyway, enjoy.

Once Henry actually made it to the game, he obliged the fans who came to see him by scoring the Red Bulls’ lone goal in a 2–1 loss to Tottenham Hotspur. If he keeps scoring like that, some people might remember he’s here, and what sport he plays, and that there was just a World Cup.

Thierry Henry Debuts to a Solid Crowd … and Fox’s Good Day New York