Darrelle Revis Is Still a Name in a Headline

Tim Cowlishaw, one of the people on Sports Shouting, told us earlier this week that Darrelle Revis was going to sign with the Jets today. He is, predictably, already hedging. But there’s a Hard Knocks tonight … and he taped a big TV interview yesterday … maybe? Maybe?

Well, there were reports that the Jets and Revis were supposed to meet last night, and then reports that they actually didn’t. It was a day of silliness and guessing and confusion and all kinds of fake news, which is what happens these days. Sometimes this is fun. With Revis, it is not.

The Post claims that nothing has happened at all, that the two sides aren’t talking, that they’re still extremely far apart. It’s a bit bewildering that Darrelle Revis’s contract is the type of story that inspires Bill Cosby Is Dead reports.

Eventually, they’ll get the deal signed, and everyone will kiss the ground like they just were released from Tehran.

Darrelle Revis Is Still a Name in a Headline