The Mets Aren’t Shaking Anything Up Anytime Soon

Well, somebody’s happy, anyway.

Just so you know, in case you were wondering, the Mets will not be firing general manager Omar Minaya this off-season. Fred Wilpon made it flippantly official yesterday.

Here’s the quote:

While in East Hartford, Conn., for an announcement of a partnership between the Wilpon-owned SNY network and University of Connecticut athletics [yesterday], the Mets owner rhetorically asked “Is the sun going to come up tomorrow?” in response to a New York Post inquiry about Minaya remaining GM in 2011.

Sorry, folks: The sun did in fact come up today. There were no proclamations concerning the continued employment of Jerry Manuel in relation to weather phenomena.

The Mets are in Philadelphia this weekend, to remind themselves of a rivalry that once was. Even if the Mets sweep this weekend, they’ll still be three games back of the Phillies, who are already two games behind the Braves. That’s if everything breaks perfect. The pitching matchups are Niese-Blanton, Santana-Hamels, and (our favorite) Dickey-Halladay. Does that look like a sweep to you? That doesn’t look like a sweep to us. The Phillies hardly think so, either. But you never know. Maybe the sun won’t come up tomorrow.

The Mets Aren’t Shaking Anything Up Anytime Soon