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NFL Season Preview: AFC South

The NFL season begins in a week and a half, which is later than usual and still sooner than one realizes. We thought we’d take a look at each NFL division over the next fortnight, a scattershot glimpse that will be more updated than the magazine you grabbed before your flight but far less informative and helpful. Today: the AFC South!


1. Indianapolis Colts. (Projected record: 13-3)
Most important player: Peyton Manning.
Top newcomer: Pat Angerer.
Person to root against: Bob Sanders.
Fictional organizational factoid: The team’s training camp facility is in Pawnee, Indiana, on land annexed for the team by Leslie Knope.
Celebrity fan: Taylor Lautner.
Games against NY teams: Week 2, September 19, vs. Giants.

2. Houston Texans. (Projected record: 10-6)
Most important player: Andre Johnson.
Top newcomer: Kareem Jackson.
Person to root against: Mario Williams.
Fictional organizational factoid: The original owner of the team was Kenneth Lay, though, briefly, through a minor shift in a budget ledger, they were owned alternately by Merrill Lynch, Halliburton and the Chinese government.
Celebrity fan: George H.W. Bush.
Games against NY teams: Week 5, October 10, vs. Giants. Week 11, November 21, at Jets.

3. Tennessee Titans. (Projected record: 7-9)
Most important player: Chris Johnson.
Top newcomer: Derrick Morgan.
Person to root against: Chuck Cecil.
Fictional organizational factoid: During their Super Bowl run of 2000-01, the Titans took a cue from the film Major League and removed an article of clothing from a cardboard cutout of Minnie Pearl after every victory.
Celebrity fan: Joe The Titan Fan.
Games against NY teams: Week 3, September 26, at. Giants.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars. (Projected record: 2-14)
Most important player: Maurice Jones-Drew.
Top newcomer: Aaron Kampman.
Person to root against: Mike Shula.
Fictional organizational factoid: There’s not really a professional football team in Jacksonville. They’re just messing with you.
Celebrity fan: We can’t find a one.
Games against NY teams: Week 3, September 26, at. Giants.

NFL Season Preview: AFC South