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Better Know an Underdog: Janko Tipsarevic

If you watched his post-match interview, you know that Janko Tipsarevic, the giant killer who dispatched Andy Roddick last night at the Open, sports a cryptic tattoo in Japanese on his arm. What he didn’t say, when asked about it, is that it’s a quote from Dostoyevsky: “Beauty will save the world.” In fact, judging from this list of his “favorite books of all-time” on his website, Janko is something of a house intellectual on the ATP Tour, with a distinctly proto-existential bent.

(this is copied direct from the site, complete with awkward translations)

1. Genealogy of Morality ­ F. Nietzsche

2. On the Other Side of Good and Evil

3. The Idiot [source of the quote]

4. Writings from the Underground

5. Counsels and Maxims ­ A. Schopenhauer

No word yet on whether during his next match — against a Frenchman (Gael Monfils), no less — he plans to puff Gauloises during changeovers.

Better Know an Underdog: Janko Tipsarevic