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NFL Season Preview: AFC East

The NFL season begins in one week, which is later than usual and still sooner than one realizes. We thought we’d take a look at each NFL division over the next fortnight, a scattershot glimpse that will be more updated than the magazine you grabbed before your flight but far less informative and helpful. Today: the AFC East!


1. New England Patriots. (Projected record: 12–4)
Most important player: Tom Brady.
Top newcomer: Brandon Spikes.
Person to root against: Tom Brady.
Fictional organizational factoid: Tom Brady is not going to have a Namath-esque fall in about 13 years.
Celebrity fan: Mike O’Malley.
Games against NY teams: Week 2, November 19, at Jets. Week 13, December 6, vs. Jets.

2. New York Jets. (Projected record: 10–6)
Most important player: Mark Sanchez.
Top newcomer: Santonio Holmes.
Person to root against: Braylon Edwards.
Fictional organizational factoid: The Jets were a dominant team all of last season and therefore have justified all the preseason excitement and hullabaloo.
Celebrity fan: Ray Romano.
Games against NY teams: None, or, all, we guess.

3. Miami Dolphins. (Projected record: 7–9)
Most important player: Chad Henne.
Top newcomer: Brandon Marshall.
Person to root against: Bill Parcells.
Fictional organizational factoid: If the Dolphins ever make the Super Bowl again, Dan Marino will sneak himself on the 53-man roster without any noticing, just in case they win.
Celebrity fan: Williams Sisters.
Games against NY teams: Week 3, September 26, vs. Jets. Week 14, December 12, at Jets.

4. Buffalo Bills. (Projected record: 5–11)
Most important player: Jairus Byrd.
Top newcomer: C.J. Spiller.
Person to root against: Lee Evans.
Fictional organizational factoid: Buffalo is within a manageable distance of New York City. It isn’t. It totally isn’t.
Celebrity fan: Tim Russert, R.I.P.
Games against NY teams: Week 4, October 3, vs. Jets. Week 17, January 2, at Jets.

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NFL Season Preview: AFC East