Not All the Jets Appreciate Joe Namath’s Many, Many Opinions

Joe Namath has a weekly talk show premiering tomorrow on Sirius, but he’s not exactly waiting until then to share his opinions on pretty much anything Jets related. For example, on Monday night, he called the nine-yard completion to Dustin Keller on fourth-and-ten “disgusting” via Twitter. Then the following day, he posted a video of himself dissecting the Ravens-Jets game on his website, saying at one point that “the running game was nothing.”

Have a look for yourself:

We particularly like how he keeps talking despite the ringing phone and the barking dog. What a pro. In any case, Mark Sanchez didn’t seem to mind all of Namath’s musings, saying, “We love his support, and we all felt the same way.” Braylon Edwards, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to appreciate the criticism.

Broadway Joe told the Post yesterday that Edwards “can’t catch the ball … or rarely does. He has as many drops as he does catches.” So Edwards, who said he has too much respect for the legendary quarterback to start a true beef with him, responded in today’s edition: “That’s his mouth, his words. I really don’t think Mr. Namath knows me. I’m sure he’s never followed me. He’s a Jet guy, and I was in Cleveland for five years, and I had one bad season.” Added Edwards: “Tell him next time he’s here, stop by my locker and he can tell me that.”

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Not All the Jets Appreciate Joe Namath’s Many, Many Opinions