The Giants Looked Like the Giants Again Last Night

At times this season, the Giants have displayed some very un-Giant-like characteristics: In Week 2, for example, they were unprepared for the Colts’ offensive scheme. And last week, they were unusually undisciplined, beating themselves with penalties. But last night felt far more familiar: an effective running game and one of the more impressive displays of pass rushing you’ll ever see.

The Giants stumbled upon a neat game plan in the first half last night: Hit the opposing quarterback over and over again, until one of those hits inevitably gives said quarterback a concussion, knocks him out of the game, and forces Todd Collins into action. (And then, for good measure, knock him out of the game, too, later on.) Perhaps the Bears made it easy for them, and perhaps someone ought to tell Jay Cutler not to hold onto the ball for so long, but the Giants’ defense in the first half — and in the second quarter in particular — was as impressive as we’ve ever seen. The final count: nine sacks in that half, and ten on the night.

Other encouraging signs in the 17–3 victory: Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for 129 yards, but Brandon Jacobs made the best of his six touches, gaining 62 yards and scoring a touchdown. Eli Manning led the Giants on an impressive eight-play, 90-yard drive that led to a Bradshaw touchdown and a 10–0 lead. And though the special teams remain a concern, at least Matt Dodge’s second half was better than his first.

And thanks to Washington’s victory in Philadelphia yesterday, the Giants’$2 2–2 record ties them for first in the NFC East. Next up: 3–1 Houston, on the road, next Sunday.

The Giants Looked Like the Giants Again Last Night