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The Week Baseball Season Ended

This week, the San Francisco Giants organization won its first World Series since leaving New York, and in doing so made a certain radio personality awfully happy. (It also led to some Cliff Lee quotes that you probably shouldn’t read into.) But what happened this week that didn’t involve the Machine?

Hal Steinbrenner said that negotiations with Derek Jeter “could get messy.” Meanwhile, we begged Jeter not to be like Brett Favre.

The Jets forgot that scoring was required.

The Mets, who reportedly “know things” about Wally Backman, hired J.P. Ricciardi.

The Rangers beat the defending Stanley Cup champs, but lost to the defending Eastern Conference champs.

Isiah Thomas called himself a visionary.

The Knicks beat the Bulls on national TV. Meanwhile, the Garden reopened after an asbestos scare.

We began our weekly Knicks countdown.

The CEO of the Texas Rangers fans said some things about Yankees fans that he’d have to apologize for.

The Red Bulls were eliminated from the playoffs.

And we spoke with Kostya Kennedy, the editor of Sports Illustrated’s Hockey Book.

That’s it for us. Have a nice weekend.

The Week Baseball Season Ended