Derek Jeter’s Contract Negotations Made Him a Little Grumpy

Derek Jeter’s press conference has come and gone, and the sixteen-year veteran’s next three years are now officially official. Considering the circumstances of Jeter’s drawn-out negotiations, the conference was unlikely to transpire without some juicy soundbites (or textsnacks, since part of the event excluded cameras). Sure enough, Jeter admitted to being a bit chafed by this off-season’s events to date:

As it went on and on, it got to Jeter, who told reporters: “It was an uncomfortable position that I felt was in. It was not an enjoyable experience.”

Still, Jeter emphasized: “I had never planned on going anywhere, I didn’t want to go to any other teams. I didn’t want to hear from other teams.”

It’s understandable that Jeter would feel a little sour about the public backlash to the negotiations, especially given a commitment to the club that has spanned almost two decades. It’s equally understandable that the Yankees treated this business transaction like any other, weighing their options and not acting on impulse or emotion. The good news is that it’s December, and any ill feeling will surely have dissipated by the time spring training rolls around (that is, if the eight-figure paycheck Jeter just signed wasn’t enough). All told, Derek Jeter is still a Yankee, the sun still sets in the west, and Joe Girardi would still look like Anthony Kiedis if he grew his hair out. All is well in the world. Right?

Derek Jeter’s Contract Negotations Made Him a Little Grumpy