Mark Sanchez Will Play on Sunday

When we last checked in, Jets coach Rex Ryan was waffling (quite possibly while eating waffles) as to whether or not he’d rest quarterback Mark Sanchez for Sunday’s game against the Bills. The age-old debate of how playoff-bound teams should approach their final week was at play, with Ryan torn between playing Sanchez in order to keep him fresh and focused or sitting him to avoid further injury to his sore throwing shoulder. After watching Sanchez practice, Ryan has made up his mind:

“He looked good, had some on the ball and all that stuff, so we’ll go ahead and start Mark this game,” Ryan said. “How long he plays, we’ll just determine that as the game goes. But he will start for us.”

There you have it. Football is all about routine, and in the end, the need to stay in rhythm heading into the playoffs won out. Those concerned with injury can take solace in the fact that Sanchez probably won’t play for all that long. As things currently stand, the Jets are in position to face the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round, but depending on how Week 17 shakes out, that could change.

Before I sign off, I just want to say that it’s been a pleasure helping out at The Sports Section this week. You’ll be rid of my silly self on Monday. Happy weekend and a very happy New Year to one and all.

Mark Sanchez Will Play on Sunday