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The Nets Wouldn’t Actually Change Their Name to the Brooklyn New Yorkers, Would They?

NetsDaily this week notes that a large Philadelphia law firm has sought trademark protection for the name “Brooklyn New Yorkers,” as well as three logos associated with that name, all featuring a basketball or basketball player. Meanwhile, the URL brooklynnewyorkers.com has been registered recently, though it’s not known to whom. And, for what it’s worth, the Nets have already informed the league of their intent to change names (though they’d reportedly have to do that even if they simply became the Brooklyn Nets). But Mikhail Prokhorov’s team wouldn’t really call themselves the Brooklyn New Yorkers, though, right?

Of course, all of this could be much ado about nothing. From NetsDaily:

There’s no indication in the US Patent and Trademark Office files that the Nets are associated with the lawyers. A spokesperson for the team declined comment Monday when asked by NetsDaily about the trademark applications. A spokesperson for Mikhail Prohorov’s Onexim Group told NetsDaily recently that the applications are “not ours”. The attorney of record on three of the five applications has not responded to a request for information.

So the Nets could very well have nothing to do with this, in which case, you know, never mind. But just in case the Nets do intend to change their nickname, we’d hope they consider something else. We’re all for the Nets playing up their move into city limits, but calling a team the New Yorkers hardly seems like the most creative way to do that. (Especially when the Knicks moniker so effectively references the city’s history, even if they no longer use this awesome logo.) Then again, it does give Prokhorov the perfect opportunity to let David Remnick run the point once the team relocates. So there’s that. In any case, surely you can top “Brooklyn New Yorkers” in the comments. And please, do not suggest “Nyets.” About a thousand people have beaten you to it.

Who Are “Brooklyn New Yorkers”? [NetsDaily]

The Nets Wouldn’t Actually Change Their Name to the Brooklyn New Yorkers, Would They?