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The Week the Garden Rocked Again

Last Sunday, the Knicks defeated Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets in front of an electric Madison Square Garden crowd, hours before the Rangers crushed the Capitals, 7–0. Three days later, the Knicks would battle Boston to the final buzzer — and, unfortunately for Amar’e Stoudemire’s last-gasp three-pointer, for a couple tenths of a second after the buzzer too. Then last night, the Rangers — coming off a (costly) win in Pittsburgh — rallied in the third period once again, beating Phoenix to continue their rise up the Eastern Conference standings. It may not be spring-of-’94 intensity quite yet, but it’s all been a pleasure to watch, nonetheless. Next up for the building, LeBron James and the Heat tonight. (All together now: Booooooooooooo!) But what happened this week that didn’t involve impressive TV ratings?

Cliff Lee spurned the Yankees and signed with Philadelphia.

The Jets lost to the Dolphins and are now in serious trouble.

Instead of beating the Vikings in Minnesota on Sunday, they beat them in Detroit on Monday.

Fordham athletics had a pretty great weekend.

The word Tripgate entered your vocabulary.

Amar’e Stoudemire once again topped our Knicks Power Rankings.

Katie Baker explored the espnW website and life as a female sports fan.

Just in case they were actually considering it, we urged the Nets not to change their name to the Brooklyn New Yorkers.

And we checked in on the local college hoops teams.

That’s it for us. See you Monday.

The Week the Garden Rocked Again