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The Week the Yankees and Derek Jeter Made Progress

After weeks of negotiating through the media — and occasionally telling said media that the reports that Derek Jeter was demanding $150 million were untrue — the shortstop’s agent sat down with the Yankees this week, and after a cordial meeting on Tuesday, the two sides began to make some progress. The Yankees have reportedly upped their original offer of $45 million over three years — an offer that Will believes was way too high to begin with. Oh, and Brian Cashman is preparing to rappel down a 22-story building this weekend, dressed as an elf. Never a dull moment. But what happened this week that didn’t involve unnamed sources?

The Giants played half a good game against Jacksonville and won.

LeBron returned to Cleveland and scored 38 points in a Miami blowout of the Cavs.

Mariano Rivera neared a new two-year contract.

The Knicks got back to .500, then made the Garden feel like home again in a win over New Jersey. Meanwhile, Amar’e Stoudemire once again topped out Knicks Power Rankings.

Mikhail Prokhorov zinged the Knicks in response to an MSG commercial.

The Rangers lost to Pittsburgh, then won a wild game on Long Island.

And Antrel Rolle said some things, while Tom Brady promised not to say he hates the Jets anymore.

That’s it for us. Have a nice weekend.

The Week the Yankees and Derek Jeter Made Progress