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Would the Nuggets Really Trade Carmelo to the Knicks to Spite the Nets?

Carmelo Anthony is, as of this morning, still a member of the Denver Nuggets, and even he’s not sure whether that will be changing soon. You’ll recall that yesterday, the Nets, Nuggets, and Pistons were on the “brink” of a blockbuster three-team trade that would have sent Anthony to New Jersey, assuming he’d be willing to sign a contract extension. Now, the Nuggets are reportedly making new demands, and, according to one report, threatening to trade Anthony to the Knicks if talks with the Nets don’t stay private.

The Nuggets, reportedly, are angry that so many details from the talks have become public, and Adrian Wojnarowski reports that, according to his sources, the Nuggets have informed the Nets that if discussions don’t stay private, they’ll send Anthony to the rival Knicks. (For what it’s worth, sources told that the threat never happened.) Whether the Nuggets would actually do such a thing is unclear: The Knicks can’t offer a comparable package to the one the Nets are offering, so they’d very much be cutting off their nose to spite their face. (Also, that seems like an overreaction to some details about a potential trade leaking.)

In any case, Anthony’s not so sure he’ll be traded to the Nets anytime soon. Via the Post:

“That’s my feeling. I don’t think so. I don’t want to elaborate on that anymore. That’s just my own personal feeling,” Anthony said following practice.

Asked if he would sign his three-year, $65 million extension to facilitate a trade to the Nets, Anthony said: “I really don’t know.”

Of course, whether Anthony will sign that extension is a moot point if the trade falls apart, and — threats about trades with the Knicks aside — reports that the Nuggets are insisting on the inclusion of Al Harrington, and since the Nets are unwilling to take on his contract, they’ll need to find a fourth team willing to take Harrington. (They reportedly haven’t had any luck doing so yet.)

The Nuggets, though, may have an ulterior motive for that demand. Said’s source: “The teams haven’t stopped talking, but the Nuggets are trying to show people that they aren’t going to be rushed into anything.”

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Would the Nuggets Really Trade Carmelo to the Knicks to Spite the Nets?