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Carmelo Watch: Here Comes Prokhorov

This much is known: Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is expected to arrive in the States at some point in the next two days, in time for tomorrow’s Russian Heritage Night at the Prudential Center. Beyond that, believe, as always, as much as you wish. Reportedly, he’s expecting a chance to woo Carmelo Anthony once he’s here. But whether they have permission to hold such a meeting (and whether Anthony would want to attend such a meeting) is unclear, and Nets coach Avery Johnson says he doesn’t know of any scheduled sit-downs with Anthony, though he’d like to be a part of it if it happens. So what else is happening on the Carmelo Watch?

• Donnie Walsh says he could “probably” acquire two first-round picks — ones he could flip in a trade for Anthony.

• In his most recent column, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that, according to a league source, the Nuggets are pushing for an even bigger haul and want injured 2010 first-round pick Damion James included in the package. The Nets would also send three future first-rounders to Denver.

• Meanwhile, on a related note, Anthony tells Sports Illustrated that he learned a lesson from how LeBron James handled things this summer, saying that “I would never go about it the way LeBron did it.” (We know this much: If Carmelo reaches free agency, his preferred destination is far less of a secret than LeBron’s was.) He also says he’s surprised that some Nuggets fans have turned on him: “People throw away that whole seven-and-half years, and that’s what makes me laugh.”

Carmelo Watch: Here Comes Prokhorov