Fred Wilpon Would Like to Have Omar Minaya Around Again

Even though they relieved him of his general manager duties after last season, the Mets are paying Omar Minaya roughly $1.1 million annually through 2012. And if Fred Wilpon has his way, Minaya will still have an active role in the organization. At a Police Athletic League awards dinner last night, Wilpon said Minaya is a “very good man” and that finding him the right role would be “helpful for Omar and helpful for this organization.”

So exactly what would Minaya be doing? In Wilpon’s words, “Something to do with the baseball area, looking at talent, maybe in the international area, which he knows well. Like a senior adviser or special assistant. I don’t want to give names to it, but something like that.” Wilpon said he’s spoken with Minaya “two or three times” this off-season and hopes Minaya will get in touch with Sandy Alderson about taking on a new role.

The question, though, is whether Minaya would want to accept a reduced role and serve under the very man who replaced him as general manager. (As points out, there’s little precedent for “an established GM coming back in a reduced role.”) Still, Alderson met with Minaya earlier this month about potentially taking on role with the club. Said the current GM, via ESPN New York:

“Psychologically, emotionally, he’s got a lot invested here [with] the position he had over all of those years,” Alderson said. “Coming back and interacting with many of the same people in a different capacity is a change. I think anybody would need some time [to] adjust to that.

“I don’t think you should read into anything that’s happened so far. I think this is just what happens when there’s a transition, and I think you’ve got to give people some space to figure out what they want to do.”

In other words, it sounds like a role of some sort is waiting for Minaya, when (or if) he’s willing to take it.

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Fred Wilpon Would Like to Have Omar Minaya Around Again